"This system (which MMS helped us develop) saves us thousands of dollars in un-accounted for back charges, uncollected receivables, change order errors/misunderstandings, etc., while maintaining our reputation with our customers as being precise and professional. Furthermore, much of the necessary communication in our office can go on without there being a face to face conversation with the office manager. That saves her bundles of time."

-Brian Seeger, Manager
Rudolph Libbe Special Accounts Division












































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Our Programs

MMS offers programs designed to build the capacity you and your associates have for doing what matters most for the organization. These programs can be customized to fit your overall objectives.

Our programs can be delivered…

• In-house at the Midwest Management Systems’ Learning Center or your site
• In our on-going Community Classes held at the MMS Learning Center
• One-on-one
• Interactive Online Classes

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The Total Leader™ concept was developed
to help leaders excel at all parts and facets
of leadership.


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Personal Productivity - 8 weeks
Personal productivity is the ability to manage yourself, manage your time and manage your priorities to operate at maximum effectiveness, individually and as a team member.

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Personal Leadership - 9 weeks
Personal leadership is the ability to lead yourself, to be a leader of your own life. Rather than just letting life happen to them, personal leaders determine the life they want, and then through planning and taking action make it happen. Personal leadership also means becoming a Total Person® – growing and developing in all six areas of life.

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Motivational Leadership - 10 weeks
Motivational leadership is the ability to lead and motivate others. A motivational leader understands that people are the source of all progress and innovation, and thus the key to success in the 21st century. A motivational leader is able to help people develop and utilize more of their full potential.

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Strategic Leadership - TBA
Strategic leadership is the ability to lead an organization. A strategic leader is able to define and develop the purpose and vision of the organization, the key strategies, the optimum structure, the right people in the right roles, and the most effective processes for an organization to succeed.

Additional Program Offerings:

Effective Leadership Development – 10 weeks

Becoming an effective supervisor/manger requires the ability to lead, train and motivate others. An effective supervisor understands that today’s supervisors are leaders of leaders, not leaders of followers.

Effective Communication – 8 weeks

Effective Communication allows a leader to positively influence people, outcomes and the work environment.


Productivity and Personal Management Workshop – 3 sessions

An introduction to the essentials of being productive; maximizing the return on invested personal time, talent and energy.

The Personal Leadership Workshop – 3 sessions

An introduction to the ideas and processes by which an individual becomes a total person; understanding, motivating and leading him/herself to live a life of possibility instead a life of limitations.



Contact us to tell us about your goals and learn about the Community Sessions where you can experience our Behavior Change Process risk-free.

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